The Shark Wrangler's Tips

NUMBER ONE: Don't play with sharks.
Any time you see a shark, slow down, make deliberate moves and leave them alone!  You should never interact with sea animals.   Their fear of us keeps them alive.  Feeding any animal in the wild weakens it and opens a door for infections.  They hunt to live, let them hunt their own food.   Don't do what you see guys doing on TV.  They have to sell advertising, so they do things with animals that are not good for them.  Nature has gotten along with out us forever, so don't think it is up to you to save a fish.

If you catch a shark, do not pull it backwards or out of the water.  If you are not going to eat it, cut your line as short and safely as possible and let the hook rust out.  Sharks are tough.   Pulling a live shark out of the water and into a confined space is a recipe for injury!

Number Two:
Don't pull any animal by its tail, unless you have too many fingers and toes!

Number Three:
If you want to see a shark, go to your local aquarium.  While some smaller sharks will survive in a home aquarium, it is best to keep them in millions of gallons of water with huge filtration systems.

Number Four:
If you don't know how to do it, don't act like you do.  A little knowledge is dangerous.

Number Five:
Always talk to someone who is in the field before jumping into something new.  Benefit from the years of experience they have.  If you want to know how to work with a particular animal, make sure the person you are asking has all her fingers and toes FIRST.   Then you are probably getting good advice.

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