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Ken is currently available for trips.  You can go kayaking with him or have him ride along on your boat.  You should contact him immediately as his schedule will begin to fill up as the season progresses.

He may have some Thursdays free to guide on shark hunts.

Ken's guide availability will be controlled by his schedule.  Email Ken for availability during your vacation.  You must book as early as possible to lock down a specific date.  When he is working, some schedule changes are impossible.  He DOES NOT offer any trips on Saturday or Sunday.


To contact Ken about a Tour, you can email him at
Be sure to book your day early.  The first party to book a date will set the location and type of tours or fishing for that day.

Here is one of the beautiful denizens of the estuary taking flight.
(Photo by the Shark Wrangler)


Interesting facts about the Shark Wrangler...
Did you know???
Not only has Ken wrangled sharks, he has worked with reptiles, insects and even horses.  He has wrangled everything from Anacondas to Spiders.

You can see pictures of sharks and learn more about them by viewing the Shark Pages.
They were written by the Shark Wrangler on various species of sharks he has worked with in the ocean.  Click this picture to see

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