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Species The Shark Wrangler has Handled
Even the shark in the background was caught by the Shark Wrangler!
More pictures to come.

            Large Predator Species

Bignose Sharks up to 6 feet  [C. altimus]

Blacktips Sharks (Atlantic) up to 7.5 feet  [C. limbatus] (These are not the docile small Pacific species.  These are the hot tempered, hot natured active Atlantic predators!  They do not work for aquaria.  Ken mostly helps with studies of this species.)

Blacktip Sharks Reefs (Pacific) juveniles  [C. melanopterus]

Bull Sharks up to 10 feet  [C. leucas]

Dusky Sharks up to 7 feet  [C. obscurus]

Galapagos Sharks up to 7 feet  [C. galapagensis]

Hammerheads up to 10 feet  [S. lewini & S. mokarran]

Lemon Sharks over 9 feet  [N. brevirostris]

Nurse Sharks any size [G. cirratum]

Sandbar Sharks (Browns) up to 10 feet [C. plumbeus]

Sandtiger Sharks over 10 feet [O. or C. taurus] (These are best worked with a crew and not just a single wrangler!)

Silky Shark juveniles [C. falciformis]

Spinner Sharks up to 7 feet  [C. brevipinna]

Tiger Sharks up to 16 feet [G. cuvieri] (This size animal is not a hold in your arms specimen!)

Whitetip Reef Sharks  up to 5 feet


           Small Coastal Species

Blacknose Sharks
Dogfishes (at least 3 species)

            General Elasmobranchs

Cownose rays
Batoid rays
Butterfly Rays (Smooth and Rough)
Stingrays large all types available

Spotted Eagle Rays large
Electric rays, etc.

Fishes and Mollusks Handled and Studied
(Most species are from the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico)

Most common gastropods and bivalves of the Western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico
Angel fish
Lizard fish
All sorts of jellyfishes
Blennies, wrasses, squirrel fishes and most common ornamental species
Fresh Water Fish of most SC species
Eels, Cusk Eels, Morays (several species)
Most sport saltwater species
All types of shrimps

Species ken has Captive Bred

Lightning Whelks
Moon Snails
Knobbed Whelks
Nassarius snails (Ilyanassa obsoleta or Ilyanassarius obsoleta) -
Butterfly Rays
Atlantic Stingrays
Various Shrimps
Sea Anemones
     MORE TO COME (Captive breeding for home aquariums is critical to marine conservation!)

Suffice it to say, if it is in the waters of NC, SC, GA or FL, Ken has caught it, dived with it, transported it, or studied it in the lab or in the wild.

On camera he has wrangled

  • Sharks

  • Rays

  • Striped Bass & other fishes

  • Snails

  • Crabs

  • Isopods

  • Snakes

  • Lizards

  • Fowl

An Aside: Ken has also wrangled and handled many other creatures such as reptiles, mammals and insects.  These include

Burmese Pythons 9+ feet
Assorted Pythons
Large Iguanas
Black Widow Spiders
Assorted Turtles & Terrapins
Indigenous Carolina reptiles and many other species...

So, obviously, he is not just a shark wrangler but a general animal wrangler as well.  He trains cats and dogs as a hobby.  This is what makes him such an asset in film work.