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Not publicized before, Ken was injured while filming in a feaure film and was put out of commission for a while.  (Not related to animal wrangling or sharks merely a severe fracture.)  He has recovered nicely and is returning to work.  Therefore, this site has not had much in way of updates.  That is changing as Ken's propeller spins up to full speed.  Since some things Ken does are proprietary, Ken does not post much in way of his activities on Twitter.  He has to protect his fishing schedule and locations from wannabe competition and prying eyes.  So, we will endeavor to update things on this page as well as post videos from Ken on his Youtube channel this year.  We will make those update and news videos viewable on this page.  His educational videos and others will be posted on the regular video page.

Ken would like to thank all those who supported and prayed for him during his long recovery.
"To my friends and family who provided patient support, thank you so much and God bless you, especially Richard and Lynn and my parents.  To my God, Jesus, praise you name for performing more than one miracle and giving me my life back.  You restored my soul long ago and now you have restored body."
Ken Moran
January 25th, 2014



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