Classes: Note from Ken
NO Classes are scheduled at this time.  Ken is rather busy though he might consider a short class if he can squeeze it in.  June is the best time though the heat can be dangerous and students must be fit enough to handle the heat.  Any class in summer will be conducted in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach (depending on the course). 

Ken is available for consultation and assistance with field research for the 2017 on a limited basis.  Ken is developing experimental collection devices for unique marine species as well as honing shark tackle.  He is working on multi-species aquaculture and captive breeding research. He continues work on a more than promising personal shark deterrent.

The 2017 shark season is going to be long for Ken this year with last year not having ended.  He was forced to collect right through the winter.  Anyone needing sharks for display should contact the company (NOT KEN) immediately for their needs as the main season is already in full swing.  There is still time but that time is very limited.  If you need any animals for display, get orders processed now for 2017 delivery.

Film and television:
Call for booking for shooting, wrangling or training in the 2017 season now.   Ken is available.  Priority scheduling is on shark collection and research due to limited availability of some species.  Though Ken is very busy this season, there is room for some shooting.  You must contact him now for summer shark shots.

Ken is always interested in pay television jobs and feature film work.  Contact him for rates.  Just remember that the projects involving sharks need to be planned well in advance of the season.  If it is not planned early, it can result in a year's delay in getting the desired shot.  Producers and casting directors can book Ken now before his schedule fills up for 2017.  Also, the winter is a good tie for simple interviews and aquarium appearances.  Please, contact him for availability for your project.  See the producer page for more details.  Priority goes to the earliest booked dates.  No booked date will be broken. 

Ken is trying to shoot some more current pieces for his YouTube Channel.  They will be posted on Youtube.  Check out his channel, TheSharkWrangler.  If you are documentary field crew in the Carolinas, contact Ken now for work. 

Ken's work as an animal wrangler in feature films can be seen in the Barry Levinson film, The Bay.  Check out the film at IMDB.com (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1713476/).  Ken not only wrangled for the film but received a credited acting role.  He has also posted a clip of him holding live sharks up to 6 feet in his face for the Jim Fowler appearance shark tagging.  Some of his documentary video clips are posted on the site home page.

Tours and Shark fishing guide work:
No Safaris are scheduled at this time for 2017 given that Ken's schedule is expected to be busy in 2017.  You can request Ken accompany you on your own vessel touring coastal waters of South Carolina.  Contact him now for availability.

Search and Rescue:
Ken has resumed his work in voluntering for and training rescue squads.  He is offering courses in tactical search and rescue, basic water rescue and Emergency Diving (though he does not plan to offer any PADI SCUBA certification courses in 2017).  In the Emergency Diver curriculum are his original courses of Emergency Diving: First ResponseŠ and Non-emergency Body RecoveryŠ (for Fire, Rescue, Public Safety and Law Enforcement SCUBA programs).  The schedule for these will be offset by his fishing schedule.  Nevertheless, you can request dates now if your department is under the gun to finish development of your SCUBA rescue program.  Warm weather is the best time for the water rescue and SCUBA classes due to warmer water generally being safer for tech diving evolutions though most of this training can be done now in warmer waters like Florida if your area is too cold for training in winter.  Ken is available for in-house training locally or can travel to present these courses at your request and his availability.  BOOK NOW.  (NOTE: These are technical SCUBA courses and ARE NOT endorsed by PADI or taught by Ken as a PADI OWSI!)  Contact Ken for a full list of the SAR workshops and courses offered.

Availability and Locations:
Early scheduling and requests for projects are recommended.  Ken will accommodate your scheduling needs, but, prior commitments are commitments.  Please, contact him before you plan your project completely.   24hr advance notice is not enough time to relocate unless you supply transportation, reservations and sufficient compensation.  If it is an emergency, Ken will do everything possible to help you.

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